Biatan (Pemapak) Hotspring in Biantan Bapinang Sub-district, Berau District

Berau District is indeed famous for its Derawan Archipelago. Though, tourists should also consider visiting other nature attractions in such region. For example, there is Biatan Hotspring in Biatan Bapinang Sub-district. It is actually a small lake with hot water and tourists come to the location to relax and enjoy its comfy water. The locals choose it as a favorite place for relaxation, in fact. Recently, some outsiders and foreigners also come there. That means the popularity of the hot spring has been recognized well by travelers, especially those who are going to visit Derawan Islands.

The Nuance
The size of Biatan Hotspring is not quite wide, but it can accommodate tens visitors. The water is clear and it features some unique stones. Not to mention the location is surrounded by lush trees and vegetation. This explains why the environment is cold and refreshing. Despite the cold nuance, the water feels warm and rejuvenating. Here is the unique thing about the hot spring. The water is salty! Also, the bottom of the hot spring features many stones and some plants. These combine into a natural and beautiful environment, which satisfies all visitors.

Exploring Biatan Hotspring
One of the reasons in visiting the hot spring is its fun trip. The fact is tourists must pass through a forest and a desolate street. A route to the location is quite challenging, as well. Despite the fact, tourists are likely to enjoy the trip, especially if they come with a good driver. Once they get to the hot spring, all of their tiredness would go away in an instant! Thanks to the comfortable nuance and unspoiled nature. The dense trees and clean environment can eradicate tourists’ stresses, too. It even feels better when they get in the water.

Taking a bath in Biatan Hotspring is allowed as long as tourists obey the rules. No soap is allowed and visitors must take care of the environment well. That means littering is prohibited! The good thing is there is no fee to enjoy the hotspring. It is because the local government has built facilities yet. No wonder, there is no place for undressing, eating, or resting. What tourists need to do is to prepare extra clothes and some snacks prior to visiting the site.

According to the locals, Biatan Hotspring was founded by villagers in 2012. It has become a new tourist spot in Berau District since then. With its natural and poor facility, the site doesn’t lose its charm. Instead, it attracts more visitors from nearby regions and even from outside Kalimantan Island. Moreover, the water is comfortable, as it doesn’t emit the smell of sulfur. The site definitely becomes a recommended choice for those looking for both comfort and relaxation, doesn’t it?

Nearby Attractions

  • Biatan Bapinang Village
  • Talisayan Village
  • Whale-Shark Point

How to Get There
For outsiders, they can either come to Balikpapan City or Berau District. The second option is faster, actually. Travelers only need to take an airplane to Kalimarau Airport in Berau. Next, they can take any local transportation service to Biatan Bapinang Sub-district, which takes about 3 hours. The route passes through Tanjung Redeb, Sambaliug, and Tambaran.

Where to Stay
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